Thursday, July 11, 2013


Pics from everyones phones,and my camera... Miles couldn't hang Photo 2013-07-11 07.37.57 PM (1) Photo 2013-07-11 07.38.09 PM quick rest stop in the woods IMG_3833 found a little creek Untitled Photo 2013-07-11 07.36.38 PM Photo 2013-07-11 07.36.27 PM jake and raul wondered off into the woods for a couple minutes...don't know what they did Photo 2013-07-11 07.32.49 PM made it IMG_0272 the house Untitled view from the house Untitled Untitled Felt street's got the best quarterpipe in santa cruz... IMG_4004 the original independent trucks from 1977 Untitled the skateshop's got all kinds of cool stuff Untitled another skateshop with a gnarly bowl, but needed a notarized waiver to skate IMG_0247 I dont know... Untitled raul creepin IMG_0367 (1) raul ollies at the newly re-surfaced Derby skatepark IMG_4087 legendary IMG_2637 bonfire Untitled Untitled lurkin 7b80d7e6-278e-47af-a7ad-77fb1934a097 in his free time jake takes pictures of prius's... IMG_0402 Buena vista pool IMG_4150 eeaaagle Untitled jake gettin inverted IMG_2597 an epic panorama by jake IMG_0423 the footage